With our fruit sourced and packed by our partners around the World, we are able to supply seasonal produce throughout the year.

Each of our manufacturing sites focuses on their core expertise sourcing locally grown fruit, in season, from farms with which they have long established relationships.

Their knowledge and experience gives us the highest quality products from pineapple and other tropical fruits in South East Asia, through to citrus and deciduous fruit in Africa. A strong understanding of the growing process, seasonality and climate impacts on each fruit type is considered key by our partners who employ qualified agronomists and experts to help manage and support their growers.

We grow and source specific varieties suited to the canning process to deliver the best customer experience.

Innovation is critical, and our suppliers pride themselves on investing in new packaging formats and processing equipment. We can offer convenience and variety to ambient fruit ranges with plastic pot packaging and bespoke recipes for fruit mixes and also fruit in jelly products.

Our Brand Natures Finest is available to UK retailers