Harvested annually from the cool clear pure waters of the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of Alaska wild Pacific salmon is still hugely prized for its outstanding flavour and texture.

The annual harvest of this much prized seafood is still one of the natural wonders of the world as millions of salmon return from their ocean going journey to be harvested responsibly over the months of July and August.

Through our long-standing relationships with the major canners in the region we are able to consistently procure the highest quality products for our markets both here in the UK, Central Europe and further afield around the world.

The Alaskan salmon fishery is amongst the best managed in the world striving successfully to ensure its long-term sustainability and minimal environmental impact. It was amongst the first of the MSC’s certified fisheries at the turn-of-the-century. The proud heritage of those fishers and processors involved in the industry is there to see and taste in every product brought to market.

From the provision of the full range of retail sizes and styles through to prepared product ready for further processing, World Wise Foods are well placed to deliver your needs. Our constant technical involvement ensures the highest standards of food safety are adhered to as well as delivering consistent high quality products. Our use of third-party Quality Assurance partners ensures every case being delivered to our customer exceeds their expectations.