From the pure clean Maldivian tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the rich waters of Indonesia,we procure some of the finest tuna available to the market.


At World Wise Foods we believe that sustaining our fisheries for future generations is the most important factor in the food supply chain today. We pride ourselves in only selling Pole and Line, One by One caught tuna from some of the world’s most environmentally sound sustainable fisheries.

In 2012 the Maldives was awarded Marine stewardship Council certification for its Skipjack fishery and since then we have been involved in bringing this product to retail consumers around the world.

The fishery known as one of the cleanest & greenest in the world as it harvests fish, one by one, one man; one hook; one fish with the consequence of negligible by-catch of non-target species and zero incidence of any endangered or threatened species being caught.

The fishery prides itself in this age old method of fishing first recorded over 900 years ago. The fishery, however, does not stand still and whilst the method may be time-honoured the science and research continues to support and improve it to ensure the continued thriving of the communities who have been fishing this way for so long and to maintain and improve its sustainability.

We are also working hard to develop other One by One fisheries around the world focusing our attention on areas where there are sustainable fisheries operating responsibly. We don’t just procure from these fisheries rather we engage to verify their long-term viability work with them to gain improvements through the cross-fertilisation of knowledge with our existing partners. Only when we are satisfied that any new fishery is completely sustainable do we look to bring these sources to market.

World Wide Foods will continue to work with and develop only these most sustainable of fisheries and in doing so are proud to be helping the food security for generations to come, as well as offering the finest canned tuna for the current generations.