Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

As an international business supplying food products from around the world to responsible global retailers and manufacturers, we recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment but also the wellbeing of employees of our own business and those within our supply chains.

Responsible sourcing is of the utmost importance to our business and we strive to achieve continuous improvement in both environmental and ethical issues. To manage this, we build partnerships with suppliers and organisations with commitment of similar values and objectives.

We support sustainable sourcing and development wherever possible e.g. MSC and pole & line caught fish. To achieve this we are proactive in building technical and commercial relationships with organisations and NGOs involved in development of sustainable systems. With our CEO John Burton also holding the Chair of the International Pole & Line Foundation, sustainable sourcing and recognition of the impact on both the environment and communities is at the heart of our business.


With regards to ethical trading, we recognise a need to continue to drive standards within our global supply chain and do so in partnership with our suppliers. To support this goal, we develop strong relationships with organisations and NGOs involved in monitoring and improving labour standards around the world. Third party ethical audits were not delivering the progress we believed necessary and as a result we invested in a Strategic Partnership with the Issara Institute in Thailand in January 2016, being the first business of our kind to do so.

Through education and encouraging new ways of gathering data on worker rights issues, the Issara Institute are working with our Thai partners to uncover risks and strive to exceed industry ethical standards. Despite the complexity of human labour chains, we are actively working through the challenges alongside our key customers and by doing so can share best practice across our total supply base.
The work doesn’t end in Thailand, from tomato farms in Italy through to salmon packers in Alaska we are committed to sourcing responsibly and developing standards across the globe.