Our high quality products are available from leading retailers in 10 countries

We develop innovative products with consumers in mind by benchmarking and researching the global retail market and consumer trends.




Tuna caught using one-by-one methods is the gold standard for responsible sourcing – and it’s the only tuna we supply. We offer skipjack, yellowfin and albacore Tuna in a range of ambient formats.

We are passionate about sourcing exclusively from one-by-one fisheries. These fisheries are environmentally sustainable and support local communities. By sourcing tuna this way, we directly contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, to conserve and use ocean resources sustainably.

Using only well managed one-by-one fisheries:

  • ensures important stocks of tuna are effectively managed
  • ensures the longevity of productive fishing for generations to come
  • safeguards the environment
  • supports local communities

100% of our fish is sourced responsibly as defined by the Sustainable Seafood Coalition.

Read more on our sourcing commitments in our Sustainable Fish Sourcing Policy


Our wild Pacific salmon is sustainably sourced from one of the best-managed fisheries in the world – and it’s prized for its outstanding flavour and texture.

Our wild-caught salmon comes from the MSC-certified Alaskan fishery, one of the first to achieve the MSC accreditation. It is one of the world’s only suppliers of wild-caught Salmon.

The fishery is carefully managed using a science-based approach. The harvest, between June and August, is controlled so salmon stocks thrive. This ensures the fishery’s long-term future.

We have long-standing relationships with the key canners in the region too. It means we can consistently procure and supply high quality products from the best processors.

Salmon jumping


Our responsibly sourced mackerel, sardines and pilchards are supplied from our trusted supplier partners in Europe and North Africa.


Our coconut products use coconut from fully traceable supply chains – for both organic and non-organic products.   

Our coconut products include coconut milk, cream, and oil, and they come from long-established supply routes in South East Asia.

Coconut supply chains are traditionally complex. We ensure all our products are fully traceable back to the group of farms where the coconut was harvested. We prioritise sustainability.

For example, our Thai supplier:

  • works closely with their NGO partner to invest in smallholder farmers
  • helps farmers access training and support to achieve organic certification
  • uses organic growing practices to support good soil health and efficient water use, and eliminate chemical fertilisers
rice noodles


We supply authentic rice and noodle products from Thailand, including vermicelli and flat rice noodles as well as instant products in a range of formats.

Our products include a range of rice and noodles:

  • ‘Straight to wok’ or ready to eat microwaveable options
  • traditional Thai rice noodles
  • instant rice or noodle products

Products are available ready for retail sales, or for manufacturers’ use.


Our traditional and innovative condiments and dipping sauces are produced from authentic ingredients in South East Asia.

We source high quality, authentic ingredients and use traditional small batch production to create a range of Asian sauces. This includes sweet chilli dipping sauce, hot sriracha sauces, naturally brewed soy sauces and other condiments such as hoisin, oyster, and teriyaki sauce.  

We develop new and innovative products based on our market research and emerging trends. We create bespoke recipes to meet customers’ tastes.

Our packaging options include glass or plastic jars and bottles, or pouches of varying sizes and materials.  Our flexibility means we can deliver the design and format our customers require.

sweet chilli sauce
tom yum soup


Our Asian cooking ingredients are produced by supplier partners in South East Asia. The range includes fish sauce, tamarind paste, curry pastes, rice vinegars and meal kits.

Our curry pastes use authentic fresh herbs and spices, as well as traditional ingredients such as shrimp paste or fish sauce. All our products can be developed to deliver flavours to suit our customers.

We also supply Asian vegetables year-round such as bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and beansprouts.

For a complete meal solution, we combine products into ‘meal kits’ in unique packaging formats. These allow consumers to easily prepare authentic Asian curries, noodle, or soup dishes at home.  


Our canned pasta range includes ravioli produced from freshly made pasta dough,  complimented by delicious traditional pasta sauces and dips.

Our pasta ready meals include meat and vegetarian raviolis, spaghetti, and macaroni.  A range of pasta shapes and styles are available. Our pasta is complimented by traditional cooking sauces and ambient dips.

We can develop bespoke products to suit our customers, taking into account any sourcing or nutritional requirements. These special products are created at our state-of-the-art research and development facilities at our supplier partners’ manufacturing sites.

pasta sauce 2


Our tropical, citrus, and deciduous fruit is sourced fresh and packed by our supplier partners around the world. We can supply seasonal products throughout the year.

Our supplier partners in Europe, South East Asia and southern Africa ensure we supply the highest quality fruit. This includes pineapple, mango, papaya and jackfruit, alongside citrus and deciduous fruit such as peaches, pears, and apricots.

  • Each manufacturing site sources locally-grown fruit
  • Supplier partners work with growers to ensure they produce high quality produce
  • Supplier partners have an in-depth understanding of the growing process, seasonality, and growing cycles of each crop
  • Local knowledge helps select specific varieties suited to the canning process, to ensure the best customer experience


Our authentic tomato products come direct from supplier partners in Europe, and include purees, chopped tomatoes, passatas and sauces.

Our long-standing relationship with our supplier partner in northern Italy means we have a range of authentic tomato products including purees, chopped tomatoes and passatas. All products are packed using 100% locally-sourced Italian tomatoes, with organic ranges also available.

Sourcing Italian tomatoes responsibly is high on our agenda, and we work with manufacturers who share this goal:

  • Tomatoes can be traced back to farm level, where they are mechanically harvested
  • An increasing number of farms have GLOBALG.A.P/GRASP third party certifications
  • Our supplier partners work collaboratively with farmers associations to ensure all workers are valued employees
  • Our robust traceability systems ensure 100% of the raw material in the product is Italian, maintaining integrity and authenticity

We have a number of supplier partners in Italy, France and Spain who complement our tomato range with products such as pasta sauces, ratatouille and chair de tomate.

Vine Tomatoes
potato 2


We supply the best in seasonal vegetables all year round from our long-standing supplier partner in Northern Europe.

From peas and spinach in the summer, to potatoes and carrots in winter, our supplier partner packs vegetables all year round.

All our vegetables are harvested and processed in season to guarantee the finest quality. We select varieties suited to heat processing, ensuring that flavour and texture are never compromised.


We supply a range of pickled vegetables including beetroot, onions, gherkins and jalapeños from Europe and India.

Raw materials are brought from farms to the factory and packed – a process that ensures our pickled vegetables are packed to the highest standard. It also allows our factories to monitor the quality of their raw materials.

In India, our gherkins and jalapeños are not only responsibly sourced, but their positive social impact is verified by independent auditors;

  • Smallholder farmers are supported to grow quality produce and look after soil health
  • Production is ensured for the long term
  • Thousands of farmers and their families have a secure livelihoods